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Interactive real-time 3D worlds, simulations, games, complex multimedia, Flash games for web sites, advertising, marketing and viral games, interactive CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Flash and Director based projects are all developed in-house by our specialist team at SmartScreen Digital Media Limited, Warrington, in the United Kingdom. Unlike rendered 3D, as seen in films like 'Shrek' and 'Toy Story', our 'real-time' 3D worlds are computer programmes where users create different outcomes based on interaction and user input this is possible because they are computer programmes, not 'pre-recorded' movies or videos, although they can be!

Please take a moment to enter our web site and browse our portfolio. Read the news and see some of the many exciting projects we have been busy developing recently. With years of successful operation within this field you will find a huge selection to browse through, from multi-level, console styled 3d games featuring educational content, games supporting the 2002 and 2006 World Cups to the SS Great Britain navigation real time simulator which now resides in the SS Great Britain Museum in Bristol. From a series of interactive games for the National Space Museum in Leicester to the M42 ATM driver simulator designed for the Highways Agency to explain the new Active Traffic Management system being implemented on UK motorways today.

SmartScreen specialise in designing, creating and programming interactive games and simulations often, but not always, set within 3D worlds. Interactivity means users have control, unlike watching a movie where the story is preset, our worlds can be fully immersive, reacting completely to decisions users make. Our work is used in both incomputer games and video or film work. We can develop environments and characters as part of a computer simulation, application, or game design for your company exhibition, conference, event or even on-line requirements. We can also create content for your project to your specification.

Our designs can be photo realistic environments or those which belong in a totally fictional setting, with characters to match. Importantly, SmartScreen also writes all the programming code for interaction within these environments. Characters and objects can be programmed to complete specific tasks using the same technologies used to develop modern console and computer games. Characters can speak, animate, take on whole adventures or simply explain processes and answer pre-set questions.

Would you like SmartScreen to design and develop a racing or driving simulator to include your company products, logos and staff? Do you need a multiplayer game,where more than one person can play at the same time in the same interactive, real-time 3D environment, to explain a process or explore a situation for your exhibition or conference stand? Would you just like a neat interactive Flash or 3D toy for use on your company web site?

We have over fifteen years experience in the world of interactivity and also act as consultants for companies and event organisers, museums and visitor centres. If you have a complex interactive project and you would like friendly, professional help and advice, a 'triple A' service and very competitive prices, then please
contact us for a chat about your project.

For further information about our work or to discuss a project our full contact details are located on the contacts page. Click on 'enter' below to go to the menu page.

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